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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
That was just an explanation of what concussion is that I posted since you don't seem to understand much on this issue.
I also said have a look at the research, there is plenty out there showing how dangerous sports like football are. The reason why they are more dangerous than boxing is because players get concussed, continue playing then play again next weekend, possibly getting concussed again. In boxing if you get concussed the ref will often call off the fight and then you have long periods before you fight again.
Your statement "The better you are the more likely you are to get concussed" is also a very odd statement.
If you think boxing is unreasonably dangerous then don't participate, simple.

I am not disputing football is dangerous, but to me a sport where you get an concussion get up and can get 2 or 3 more concussions in a span of minutes is clearly more dangerous in the long term than one where you get a concussion come back a week later and get a 2nd concussion. And in your estimation, how long between concussions would a fight fight again.

Someone like Ali or Louis or marciano or hammerin hank probably got more concussions than someone who got their butt beat 3-4 times them quit. And while Marciano was never knocked out, when you reach that level of skill, often times you can be fighting when you are concussed ie. fighting while being "stunned" without going down because at that level of skill its just instinctual. Ie. think trevor berbick vs mike tyson, had trevor had marciano's chin, there is a good chance he'd not fall down and just keep swinging away off instinct but that doesn't mean he is any less hurt.
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