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Default Re: Jose Miguel Cotto rocks Canelo Alvarez

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
But isn't that part of what makes Canelo interesting to watch? His fans love the way he fights and his haters want to see him lose and can make a case that he can be KOed. In the end both sides watch him which gives him drawing power. I'm an in betweener. I like him but want to see him lose.

Yeah. I don't doubt he's not interesting to watch. He is interesting to watch of course.

I think him going into a fight as not a deemed invincible force like many believe Mayweather is, is good.

As you never know if he's going to get in trouble or not. Up until his next opponent, who hopefully will be a big step up. He has fought guys he can control with his strength.

He can boss guys like Lopez, and guys like an old Baldomir around the ring like magic.

When he fights guys like Mayweather, who has quite a wide frame, and has as much strength as him, he may come up significantly short.

I think Paul Williams could have been a marquee name on his resume, but i also believe he was perfect pickings for GBP to show off what Alvarez can do.

I think they could have put Lara in with Alvarez. Lara is a top fighter, but also has holes which Alvarez could exploit. He feel perhaps a fast pressure fighter not far from, or in his prime would be a big problem for Canelo.

I think because PWill was a big name, they went for the obvious choice. It's unfortunate what happened with Williams, but i think he was on the decline, and perhaps not completely focused when he fought Lara and Ishida. So, it really give GBP a perfect name to choice for Alvarez to look good against. I think Alvarez would have beat him in the Ishida/Lara form he displayed.

I think the weight hopping never helped, and being knocked out was heavily on his mind at the time. I think perhaps he had Martinez on his mind to evenge the loss. PWill lost his focus, but hopefully now he's on the recovery track. Hopefully, if he does recover he can come back in a big way.

I personally do not believe he is leaps and bounds above his competition, as a Mayweather supposedly is. And perhaps he has proved he is at 154.

If Cotto performs well against Trout, which i have no doubt he won't perform. I think Cotto beats him by a UD, or SD. It will be close but Cotto's experience would come up on top.

Entirely depends on how he looks against Austin Trout.
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