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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
There's no "clearly", it's only an opinion that is not based on anything factual. If you decide to look for it, you'll find plenty of excellent technicians nowadays. Or, if you go from the opposite end, you can find plenty of technical mistakes about any supposed ATG technician. No matter how great Eddie Futch or Ray Arcel were, if they had an average boxer, they wouldn't be able to make a first-rater out of him. No matter how great they were, you'd find their fighters making mistake after mistake.
I do look for it. I watch as much boxing from nowadays as I do from any era. Your point about average fighters is not the one I'm making. I'm not saying old time trainers could make the average man 'great'.

It is a less competitive era nowadays and 'achievement' is easier to come by. Is Ricky Burns' 'two weight championship' as impressive as Harry Jeffra's? Is Nonito Donaire's weight jumping as impressive as Harada's? Is Floyd Mayweather a technical wizard fighting lots of distinctly untechnical guys?

Would Jim Jeffries beat the best cruiserweights today? No, probably not. I agree it's not black and White (no pun intended) and no era is infallible. But boxing is pretty weak right now from a fans point of view.

And I don't agree with Carlos Ortiz there was a massive drop off in ability between him and Duran either. Yes, I'm aware everyone has said there's been a lowering in standards from era to era and it's nothing new. But I do think it's a fair appraisal nowadays.
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