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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
Been repeated many times. The idea that old-timers were more skillful and better in general than contemporary boxers is a psychological fallacy. Read the experts' or trainers' opinions about contemporary fighters from 30 years ago, 50 years, 100 years ago, they all claim that the past boxers/trainers were better, and many old-school skills have been lost, modern boxers are crude and tough, lacking skills, and champions and top contenders are not fighting meaningful fights very often and are all about money, picking weak opponents, etc etc. Bull****, plain and simple. Experience is important, but not as much as many like to believe. If the fighter is average, he'll stay average even if he has 500 bouts, he'll still lose to a youngster with better physical attributes and only 10 fights.
In some cases this is true, but when I watch joe louis and then I watch pretty much any challenger in the heavyweight division, it is almost laughabley bad, how terrible these guys are. all tomatoes, beer bellies, no discipline. Can't blame the Klitschkos the division is weak, but the best up and comer right now is seth mitchell who is a joke compared to up and comers of the ol times.

The only active boxer I think will even be though of as great 10 years from now is Pacquiao and possibly gamboa depending on how he does going forward, and Pac is just tough as hell, had he been in an era of great trainers, he could be much better.

Even SRL points out how his fight against duran was what made him great, it made him a better boxer. Who is the great technician of today, a FM, a guy who buys out his competitors? Mayweather senior doesn't even count from the 80s, like father like son, if mayweather jr was there in the 80's he'd never make money because he'd just get ignored and if he fought anyone of talent he'd just get butt hole torn up. Does he think Duran or hearns is going to clinch him like mosely after they stun him, no they are going.

You understand that canelo and mayweather would never be considered great in a strong era because they'd dodge all the top fighters. Charles Burley fought buys who weighed 70 pounds more than him and I am suppose to believe mayweather who won't even fight a guy who weighs 7 pounds more than him is the greatest technical boxer because he crushes tomatoes.
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