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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
I think you are missing the point. The guy played ncaa football, I played highly competitive football, there simply is no comparasion.

Football has a way shorter season, and there are many games where you will have no incident and your head will not be touched nor injured. Every time you box or spar your head WILL GET HIT, and if you want to be a great or very good boxer you're going to need a deep amateur background or just be grossly skilled.

In football rugby whatever, there is a moderately-low risk you will get a big to moderate injury like a hit to the head, ie. might happen a 2-3 times over a few seasons In boxing you get punched in the head every time.

Obviously boxing you accept the risk, but my question was not if you accept the risk, it is are you concerned you could go blind at 50, or end up with a bunch of tubes up your nose from a brain blood clot, or whatever. Its a valid question. Its like asking are you concerned you will end up with cancer as an x-ray tech.

I am not sure if the average person who goes into boxing knows how dangerous it can be.
The guys point was 'You play a dangerous sport, you enjoy it so you accept the risks'. Why are you guys so dense that you can't understand that?

You can get ****ed up crossing the road, live your life and stop being a *****. You play any sport and there are risks for your long term health. If that sport adds to your quality of life you keep doing it. We are all people who weigh up the risks and make our decisions. What sort of ****ing idiot starts boxing and doesn't think that there is a risk of cognitive issues further down the line? Amateur boxing however is one of the safest sports around, the mandatory time off after a stoppage, the testing and the general caution due to the nature of the sport means that consecutive concussions are nowhere near as common as they are for a football player who has the added risk of having his MCL blown out by another player in a tackle.
Boxing really isn't really that dangerous unless you're always in gym wars and fighting until you're 40.
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