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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
its the ability to finish someone off impressively when they are rocked, there was nothing impressiv in putting someone away who had pinned there own arm to the mat and was pretty much out of it anyway with no form of defence left, the ref in that fight was miles too late also

i dont dislike struve, i think its actually posters who like him too much and somehow think he has the best killer instinct in the division. Do you?

no ****ing way does he have close to the best killer instinct in the division its not even close

Can you point to any fight where Stefan Struve fought cautiously to pile up points or protect a lead or win a decision. At any stage in the fight. Can you point us to that match?

Or was he aggressively looking for a stoppage finish in every minute of every round in every fight, as illustrated by the fact that none of his fights ever get out of the second round.

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