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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
There's no "clearly", it's only an opinion that is not based on anything factual. If you decide to look for it, you'll find plenty of excellent technicians nowadays. Or, if you go from the opposite end, you can find plenty of technical mistakes about any supposed ATG technician. No matter how great Eddie Futch or Ray Arcel were, if they had an average boxer, they wouldn't be able to make a first-rater out of him. No matter how great they were, you'd find their fighters making mistake after mistake.
True but Joe Frazier pretty much beats any heavyweight post 1970 save for Lewis, possibly Tyson, (foreman is a carryover). Yet his son who presumably had all his knowledge couldn't cut it. He had roughly the same genes so there is no reason why he be any worst or better in terms of athelticism. So clearly it is something more than its just conspiacy, when a guy's son of a top boxer is not very good. If anything Marvis should be an amazing boxer because all he had to do was beat one of the 500 guys who held titles during the 80s.

Seriously though if frazier can beat Ali, then he should have been able to prep his son to beat an inferior mover likeHolmes, it shouldn't have been round 1 ko.
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