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Default Re: sam ah see ducking

Originally Posted by the ninja View Post
see how someone like ah see and his team can duck like this , then set up future bouts at 68 kg not the welter limit so he cant lose his title , and everyone comes up with excuses for him !, this is the same **** as always that brings aussie boxing down , dont you get it the next opponent he fights after ducking this one will be at 68 kg not welterweight limit so he can keep his title and not have any chance of losing it , the name of the opponent and his record has nothing to do with the fact he is ducking and i repeat and mark my words is fighting 6
You cant hold the AUS title hostage , its not the IBO title , there is such a thing as a challenge process, all this 1-7 guy has to do is put in a challenge and tell em he really isnt 1-7 and that he is the next best thing to sliced bread hope u can read the sarcasam in what ive wrote, challenge him and then you may have a leg to stand on but so far its all hear say from a person you know personally, sour g****s at best.
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