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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

What the **** are you lot going on about?

I never compared any sport to any other sport. Why people are bringing up "well I played football!" then comparing that experience to boxing and what they think rugby is like I don't know.

All I said was that you participate in a dangerous sport (boxing). If you're worried about getting injured then you're probably participating in the wrong sport. I mentioned rugby purely because that's a dangerous sport which I participate in in which I could potentially get seriously injured. In my first season I witnessed a friend break his ankle, another break his pelvis in 2 places, a close friend of mine break his wrist that badly he dislocated his hand from his arm and just last week another guy got dropped on his head, breaking his C-1 vertebrae in 4 places. Even after witnessing these serious injuries I love playing so I play regardless. I'm not saying rugby is more dangerous than football or boxing, it makes no difference.

How can people not understand this?
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