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Default Re: new australian flag. thanks to boxing!

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
You sell T Shirts at construction sites?

You go to partys that Auction off peoples T shirts they are wearing?

Fenech was the one who made the ORIGNAL T shirt that stated, Float like a butterfly, Sleeps like a log and you claim he hated the T Shirts but bought 10?

I call bullsht, can smell it all over your bum ass!
I suspect that what you are smelling is stale Mundine really should wash those jockstraps after you finish sucking them

You don't read too well eh?...or is comprehension a problem?

Firstly...I work in the construction industry and word of mouth sold the shirts like hotcakes

Secondly...(and I'll write this real slow to give you half a chance of understanding) ...I stated that a young guy (carpenter) wore a shirt to a party and the other party goers were prepared to pay top dollar for his shirt.

Thirdly... I delivered one shirt to 2GB and they forwarded it to Fenech...who then contacted me to buy the rest and I hand delivered them to his house at Fivedock...Fenech then tried to change the deal and offered me discount tickets for one of his Boxing promotions at Penrith(I think)...but I stuck to my guns.

Enough info for you want his address as well...I think he has moved since so it would be OK

You really aren't very bright are you Ty...I know that your old man is a bit of a DUMB**** from his Website...But even he must struggle to come to terms with what one night of alcoholic passion produced...Poor *******...I'll bet he looks at you and wonders why the **** he didn't just have a head job?
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