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Default Re: new australian flag. thanks to boxing!

Originally Posted by IrnBruMan View Post
Actually nothing like it. Go on, argue with Oztriker about something that was well-documented on here years before you ever showed your ugly hateful little face in these parts, I love seeing you make a fool of yourself

Please stop addressing me with a racist term.

I won't ask again
I am NOT addressing you with a racist term, you are making up that conclusion to suit your own agenda, we both know it.

As for the T shirts, Fenechs was the orignal ones that were doing the rounds, i dont need to have been a member of ESB forums to know that, if you actually watched and followed boxing you would be aware of the orignal T shirts but you just sit in your computer room all day like the virgin you are pretending you know about boxing.

Anyone that knows the history of these T shirts will tell you which one come out 1st and to make claims that Fenech wanted to buy them all is a joke, even more so that it was being sold on construction sites, ya know cause construction workers all love to follow da boxing. its as laughtable as going to a party and having to take your T shirt off so it can be auction at the party~!

dont know about u but i dont go to **** partys that blokes ask u to take ur T shirt off so they can buy it~! hahahaha
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