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Default Re: Boxers who retired at the right time and finished career on top? Those who didnt.

Originally Posted by divac View Post
Lewis was not contemplating retirement before the Vitali fight.
Retirement is always mentioned when a fighter is past his mid thirties.
Lewis however did not give a mention that his fight with Kirk Johnson or his replacement Vitali, would be his last.

When just about everyone at ringside had Vitali leading on the card against Lewis, the rematch was being much anticipated by everyone.
Lewis had agreed to it at ringside but not fought again.

The two fighters that Lewis feared at the time because they were his size were Vitali and Wladimir.
Lewis saw the opportunity to grant Vitali a fight after Johnson dropped out because of an injury and he did so only because he knew Vitali would have two weeks to prepare while Lennox had a full training camp.

Vitali on two weeks notice was taking the rounds of Lewis that he was ahead on the scorecards.

What could Vitali do with a full training camp under his belt, Lewis did not want to and did not find out!

Ahem, BULL****.

Vitali had just as long a training camp as he was training for Boswell on the same night!

Do at least the minor amount of research before you spew your ignorance.

Also, considering the weight of Lewis for the fight,its arguable how much training he did AT ALL!
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