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Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Nah, Gavilan has as many quality scalps at middleweight as he has at 147. Big punchers like Lausse as well.
He enjoyed quite a bit of success against larger foes, yes. He was, however, rather thin in the arms and legs, which was the point I was trying to make. He doesn't favorably compare to Leonard or Robinson in terms of physical size- certainly not to the more modern De La Hoya.

Though their body types may vary, in his prime I'd say he carried the same overall bulk as a Curry, Napoles, Basilio, or Pacquiao.

Obviously, talent is no question, but there's also no denying he was an under-sized welterweight. At his level, it's true it doesn't play as big a role. But a stickler would point out that that may hurt or hinder his chances nonetheless, especially against the upper echelon of what amounts to a higher weight classification (let that not be confused with a certain Oscar).

These days, I rate him along with the guys I mentioned in the second paragraph. It's my own weird idiosyncrasy. Of course you've still got a competitive list of names if you lump them all together, but it isn't, strictly speaking, fair.
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