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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

[quote=young griffo;13946855]
Originally Posted by louis3749 View Post
Sorry Louis3749 wasn't aimed at you at all mate. The quotations are all messed up for some reason.

The other guy was calling Burt Bienstock senile and then giving you props for saying what amounted to the same thing, so I was having a go at him for being a ***** to an older gent like Burt even though in essence he agreed with him the same as he did with you.

For what it's worth I agree 100% with your post too
YG, thank you for your kind support...I can take criticism about boxing
opinions but to be called "senile" by some creatin called Southpaw reaches a new low...Life is hard enough to survive ,but to called senile if you do dodge death is not a pleasant feeling...So yg,thanks for your support...
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