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Default Re: 70's heavies v 90's heavies ?

The 70's will always be remembered fondly, but the 90's had more potential. Quarry was considered one of the best in the 70's but he was miles behind Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes, and Norton. I also feel that Lyle surpassed him after his decision loss to Quarry. Young was clearly better than Quarry.

Now look at the 90's. Holyfield, Lewis, and Bowe were very good and would hold their own vs. Ali, Foreman, Holmes (more of an 80's HW), and company. When you look at the rest, the 90's fighters were clearly better. We saw power and durability in fighters like Tua, Mercer, and McCall. Ruddock and Morrison were very explosvie, Morrison's chin was not the best. These 4 match up well vs. the likes of Young, Lyle, Quarry, and Shavers. Then you have Ibeubuchi, Byrd, Moorer, and others. Don't forget that Tyson, Holmes, and Foreman did some good things in the 90's as well. Even Witherspoon was still dangerous in the 90's. A slightly faded Tyson and old versions of Holmes and Foreman would match up well vs. Frazier and Norton.
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