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Default Fighters that flourished in the face of adversity . . . . . . .

Boxing history is littered with fighters who possesed great skill-sets but didn't have it in the heart department (Don Curry, Roy Jones, Vladimir Klitchsko, Mike Tyson etc) to be able to fight in the trenches through adversity and win tough fights when it was all in the line.

In contrast, some fighters in the sport produced they're best when staring defeat in the eyes, some fighters thrived in the face of danger, and when faced with adversity with everything on the line, they came roaring through the acid test.

I want this thread to be dedicated to those fighters that thrived in adversity with posters doing the following

a) naming a fighter they believe produced his best in adversity

b) giving examples of when they faced adveristy and how they came through it against the named opponents.

I'll start the thread, please feel free to follow suit

a) Joe Calzaghe

b) Calzaghe imo is one of the finest examples in the last 30 years of a boxer that produces his best when faced with adversity, something he proved throughout his career.

-Think the 1st time he came through real adversity was when he won the title on foreign soil from Chris Eubank. Eubank brought it that night and went toe to toe with Calzaghe all fight. Eubank had Calzaghe rocking on a couple of occasions and took him into the trenches for the 1st time in his career - that fight was Calzaghe's long awaited gut-check and Joe came through with flying colours.

- The next time Calzaghe thrived in adversity was against former Olympic bronze medalist and former 168 champion Robin Reid (who had been robbed of his title v Ottke). After sweeping ahead early in the fight, Calzaghe sustained a hand injury in round 4 that forced him to adapt and fight through adversity for the rest of the fight with virtually one hand. Reid came roaring back into the fight but with the scorecards close near the end, Calzaghe won the championship rounds despite his handicap to retain his title, he simply refused to be beaten.

- Another example of Calzaghe thriving in adversity came after he was knocked down hard in the 2nd round by former 168 champ Byron Mitchell. What did Calzaghe do when he was badly hurt? Did he run? Did he hold for dear life? Did he feign injury to bide time? No, he did none of that, he came roaring back like a truely great champion, putting everything on the line and going toe to toe, stopping Mitchell in the same round.

- The last example i will use from the many that are available will be Calzaghe's victory over the main man at 175 and p4p number 4 fighter in the world Bernard Hopkins. Calzaghe again fighting on foreign soil moved up weights and in his 1st fight at 175 looked like he was about to be handed his 1st defeat of his career. Hopkins dropped Calzaghe in the 1st but again he got back up and showed the ***** of a great fighter, adapted in the ring and turned the fight around despite a horror show from Joe Cortez who allowed Hopkins to time waste in the latter rounds in a bid to last the full 12 rounds.

There are many, many more examples i could use with Calzaghe like him adapting v Kessler, recovering from knockdowns versus Salem and Roy Jones only to come roaring back into the fight etc. You must also remember the notorious hand troubles Calzaghe suffered throughout his career, yet he fought through it all, he had the ***** to dig deep, the ability to produce his best when he was staring defeat in the eye, never holding, never taking a step back, and being prepared to stand in the pocket and trade punches with anyone he ever fought.

Now its your turn - please leave examples of fighters you thought thrived in the face of adversity.




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