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Default Re: Do you think Vitali wants to fight Haye?

Originally Posted by KCD View Post
The thing that really makes my **** fizz regarding Haye is how he believes he is the attraction, and therefore should be getting 50/50 purse splits with recognised champions who actually sell out football stadiums.

Also it wasn't until Haye fought Enzo where he actually became a big draw and it was down to Frank ******s promoting, prior to that the average Joe on the street didn't know who the fraud was.

I've never been a fan but I respect him as a very good fighter who has picked his fights meticulously to. Build a smoke screen regarding his "potential" and his overall ability and career so far.
i agree with most all of that. but i think haye is smart enough to realize who the draw is but uses that as the excuse to bail out of fights once they reach the point where all is left to agree on is money. and those are just the contract talks he bails out on, not the actual contracts he signed and then pulled out of
thing of its is, he had a better chance of beating vitali in my opinion in the last few years had he signed, and no reason he shouldnt have had a 50% chance to beat wlad...he has sick power...but has no ***** and doesnt want to risk a knock out loss for the prize of recognized heavyweight champion
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