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Default Re: What percentage of fights are rigged?

Originally Posted by rorschach51 View Post
At the higher levels I believe it's more along the lines of the promoter, and even in some instances the alphabet sanctioning bodies influencing the officials or judges into seeing a favorable outcome for their fighter. I don't believe fighters being paid to take dives is a normal occurrence, as that was more of a mob type fix, when boxing was much bigger, and a lot of money could be made with all the betting action going on. Not as much interest in the sport, means no real reason for such a shady deal.
Hmmm....thanks guys. So there are different degrees of 'controlling the outcome,' from biased home ground support,fixed judging and influencing sanctioning bodied. How would you explain the Hagler Antuofermi abortion? Could betting action be responsible for such a farce?
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