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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
What the **** are you lot going on about?

I never compared any sport to any other sport. Why people are bringing up "well I played football!" then comparing that experience to boxing and what they think rugby is like I don't know.

All I said was that you participate in a dangerous sport (boxing). If you're worried about getting injured then you're probably participating in the wrong sport. I mentioned rugby purely because that's a dangerous sport which I participate in in which I could potentially get seriously injured. In my first season I witnessed a friend break his ankle, another break his pelvis in 2 places, a close friend of mine break his wrist that badly he dislocated his hand from his arm and just last week another guy got dropped on his head, breaking his C-1 vertebrae in 4 places. Even after witnessing these serious injuries I love playing so I play regardless. I'm not saying rugby is more dangerous than football or boxing, it makes no difference.

How can people not understand this?
Everyone understands what you are trying to say. Your point is pretty simple. But I disagree. As the old timers say, you play football, you play basketball, you play rugby, you dont "play" boxing.

In years of playing football I never had any concussions or serious injury. In fact I was never even once worried about injury. At the university level we had are own team doctor and training staff who took care of all injuries etc. The first thing you do when you get to a new program is get an "impact test" done which can be later used to check if you are concussed after receiving a big hit or something. If you are they will pull you out of practice and competition and rehab you. In boxing there is nobody like this who watches after you until maybe later in your career if you make it as a bigtime fighter, but boxers dont usually gain that fame until a long time down the road.

The idea I shouldnt be worried about my health is ridiculous. I plan on having a career in boxing and there are lots of risks out there. Simply ignoring them is absolutely terrible advice, and probably a reason a lot of punch drunk guys are in the position they are in.

Yes I love boxing. I have accepted the risks of the sport. But I only have one bill of health and I dont plan on spending the last 50 years of my life shaking and slurring thanks. Taking care of my health is a big priority to me.
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