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Default Re: What percentage of fights are rigged?

Originally Posted by Pantera2000 View Post
I do not believe that any fight is rigged where a fighter is paid off to take a dive. Due to the upside of a big win (and the downside to the loss), the finances would never make sense to a fighter, who actually has a chance to win, to be paid off in a fight.
Obviously, most rigging does not include actual dives, as thta can be too obvious. - but you can pay / threaten a fighter to not KO his opponent.

As far as downsides - try bucking the promoters on one fight, and see how many good opportunities you get in the future. You have a much better chance of making future money if you play along, than if you try to fight the powers that be.


Most likely, 100% of fights are rigged in some way, even if it's a s subtle as referees letting Ali cheat in every fight he was in. (holding behind the head, etc.)

And even in the most blatant cases, there are practically ZERO repercussions, especially to the guys actually calling the shots:

Bob Arum tells JMM, on camera, "it's just business," and absolutely nothing happens.
A referee in Germany LITERALLY helps a downed fighter up off the canvas so he can continue to fight, and absolutely nothing happens.

It's an unregulated sport, in which promoters, bookies, mafia betters, and even the networks ALL make huge financial gains when the "right" fighter wins.
What possible reason is there to believe that any fight is legit? How naive can you be?
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