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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Broner is one of many of the 'new breed' trying to copy Floyd's defensive style without having the natural reflexes or years to nurture it.

Offensively sloppy and only looks like a banger because he's faced overmatched guys that don't cut as much weight as he does.

Clearly lost to Quintero and Ponce IMO.

BUT moving up in weight might allow him to dedicate more training time to boxing and not sweating. DeMarco is the real test for him. At the moment, Berto-esque hypejob but let's see

You know of my admiration for Ward
yeah i needn't have asked about ward, really loving that guy now myself

as for broner, foolish i may be, i see a bit more in him than you. you're right: he's another floyd rip off i just HOPE he has the reflexes at the top level to do the job. his single bunch hand speed is impressive (even if he can't throw ****ing combinations) and his movement has been ok for the level he's facing. i worry that because floyd hasn't "lost" (castillo 1 aside) people assume his style is flawless...even though others (including his father) got destroyed using it because they faced smart and equally talented fighters.

btw: i ****ing love roy jones making a crack that broner's style was beatable and he knew how (one of the other hbo crew said he faced it in toney) but wouldn't say how. ****ers gotta do it themsevles
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