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Default Will Fedor fight again?

Will he?

I thought he looked good in his last 3 fights, very sharp. Granted not top ten opposition but Monson is a quality fighter and couldn't do anything to him, Ishii an olympic Judo champ and couldn't do anything in the clinches, and Rizzo was given no chance period. He looked much more composed compared to what he was like on his losing streak where he basically just went in there and threw haymakers. I think all the training in Holland helped him, his leg kicks are brutal nowadays.

I'd like to see him rematch Bigfoot but he makes a boatload more over in M1 than what Dana would ever pay him. I heard he was at some event and was sitting behind Dana White does anyone know anything about it? The UFC always needs exciting fighters and Fedor is possibly the most exciting fighter of all time.
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