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Default Re: FINALLY: The footage of Fury flooring Price in the ams!

What is this evidence meant to prove anyway? That despite being hurt by Fury, Price was still able to dominate him for an easy win? I could have told from their pro careers that Price is the more skilled fighter.

I honestly hope both men go on to do well in their careers and get to the top of a pretty weak Heavyweight division. But this video doesn't prove anything as to who is the better fighter of the two., whatever Fury might like to think. The fact is Price has looked the more impressive of the two professionally thus far. Whilst Fury may have taken on bigger tests earlier in his career, his opppsition as well as performance levels have stagnated whilst Price's are improving steadily.

Fury's clearly realised this too. Why else would he vacate his belts to avoid a fighter whom he's confidently predict he'd KO easily for years? He can hide behind the TV or 'moving up in class' excuses but boxing fans aren't mugs. If he was confident enough, he'd have let it go to purse bids and then only pull out if Hennessey wasn't able to win them.
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