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Default Re: 70's heavies v 90's heavies ?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo View Post
This sounds like excuse making rather than paying someone their rightful dues. But what the hell. Run with it.
I think it is all rather factual. If Moorer had followed his corner's advice and moved, he would have whitewashed Foreman.

And I am not going to degrade the 70's for it's heavies. There is an argument for it being the best but I think there is a better argument for it being the second best. Two factors here... I think by "70's" people really mean 1968-1975... or should mean that. There you get the prime Frazier years, along with performances by some very good secondary fighters. And the Cult of Ali did much to inflate that era, with Cosell's miserable calling and ballyhoo and Ali's transcendence as a Pop Culture Icon. We are indoctrinated that the Thrilla in Manilla was a great display of talent and skill when it was really two faded former greats putting up one last, but somewhat pathetic, stand.

Again, the 70's were great, but maybe a tad overrated.
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