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Default Re: what heavyweights....???

Originally Posted by BatTheMan View Post
You have to take into account that the amount of punches they Throw probably beats any heavy in history, and when was it you last saw 15 rounds at a torrid pace?

Tyson? No.

Holmes? ..... Hmmmm I struggle to find any of his 15 rounders that didnt have several awful rounds.

Ali? Sure. Frazier. Other than that hmmmm..... None I can think of.

So we are dealing with the Best of the Best if you are looking at 15 rounds at a torrid pace and I'm quite sure, but by no means certain, that several of the contenders BITD where not conditioned to go the distance at full speed.
I should have phrased the question better. In terms of top 10 fighters would have been a better way to put it. And I agree there were plenty of fighters who couldn't go 15 hard rounds. It just seems the overall pace of heavyweights has slowed and they tire faster. Jmo.
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