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Default Re: Before Sugar Robinson

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
absolutely agree burt but i know people's knowledge of and appreciation for greb seems to have gone up significantly in the last few years....when ring wrote an article on the top 20 middles of all time before hopkins-delahoya, they ranked greb number 1 but said most readers would never have heard of him.

i think they're right: in the last 5 years or so the general knowledge of greb has gone up quite a bit; only hard cores knew about it previously and even then, much of his record was difficult to discover pre internet. the casual fan simply had never heard of him.

i imagine many writers of the last few decades only knew him by a reputation of his impressive record and toughness but probably weren't able to rank him properly without extensive research. it's a fact i'm spoiled: without the internet i simply would have little idea of greb's greatness
Correct N, most casual boxing fans hardly heard of Harry Greb before the internet...To them the"latest is the greatest applied ". I on the other hand first heard the name Harry Greb,when as a young boy who started to go to the fights when my dad took me every week or more,once asked him the question "who was the best fighter you ever saw "? My dad replied "Harry Greb". He then told me when he in 1922 went to old MSG to see his
neighberhood hero Gene Tunney absorb a terrible beating from a fighter named Harry Greb. He told me he never saw so much blood Tunney shed,and my dad would always tell me Greb,so much smaller than Tunney was the best fighter he ever saw, and that included Ray Robinson whom
my dad and I saw several times when Sugar Ray was a welterweight
great...From then on I soaked up tons of information on Harry Greb...
Greb was the real deal...Cheers...
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