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Default Re: Before Sugar Robinson

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post
Woah hold up there Burt. I never said this is how I feel about Greb and Tunney's ratings as a p4p fighter at all. I was simply saying that Tunney may have been viewed as greater than Greb, so don't try and school me on how you perceive Greb to be, I can make my own judgement thanks :P. I just think the fact Tunney was able to succesefully win the heavyweight title and retired undefeated at heavyweight with just the one loss, without the knowledge that Dempsey (viewed as one of the greatest HW of all time back then more so than now by many) had visibly deteriorated too the extent that we now know. Surely you must see where I'm coming from??

However this is only an educated assumption. You got any information about who was widely recognised as the p4p best fighter before Ray Robinson's incredible career?
W, Tunney was and IS underated. But my saying Greb is always on the best 5 P4P list because P4P means not which fighter would have or did beat whom, but did they go and beat men consistantly out of their weight class, such as A Fitz, Langford, Greb, Walker, Armstrong, Robinson did.
Tunney never fought above his weight class which
is not a knock on him, just a fact...
P.S. Before Ray Robinson, as a boy, Henry Armstrong was considered by many the best P4P fighter, preceeded by Greb, Langford, Fitz...Cheers...
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