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Default Re: Will Fedor fight again?

Originally Posted by EL BULLY View Post
He has a real chance against anyone. There is also the real chance he will get KTFO by a fighter that couldn't even lace his gloves up when he was in his prime. This is the curse of the elite fighters once they get past their prime, they COULD beat anyone but more often than not the younger bucks beat them to the punch.
I don't think he's that far gone though. The only fight in which he looked bad in was the Bigfoot fight in which he was fat as **** and obvious he hadn't hardly trained i mean how do you miss Bigfoots head ffs

He has looked sharp in his last four fights including the Hendo fight. People forget he dropped Hendo hard before he scrambled out and landed the punch of his career. I don't know I think we'll be seeing him again just a feeling.
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