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Default Re: Naazim tells it like it is. Says Pac can't beat Marquez, talks Sergio, Ward, & mo

Originally Posted by The Akbar One View Post
Bradley's face didn't tell that story, neither did Clottey's(not arguing that Clottey won). I disagree that Pac actually lands more. Video ****ysis, doesn't support that. Just because Lampley says bang bang bang, doesn't mean Pac hitting glove or air, all of a sudden counts as a scoring punch. When ****yzing video, Pac is clearly out landed by Marquez.
I hope you're not trying to argue TIM won either.....both Josh and TIM lost one sided fights with Pac and in both fights neither TIM or Josh tried to just so happens TIM was given the Victory after losing a very one sided fight.

Lampley says a lot of **** when he's calling a fight....sometimes compubox is accurate....sometime its not but Pac is a very accurate combination puncher......relative to most pressure fighters who have very low connect percentages.

JMM isn't clearly out landing Pac.....his punches are just cleaner and easier to see as it is for most counter punchers.
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