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Default Re: Will Fedor fight again?

Originally Posted by Muchmoore View Post
I don't think he's that far gone though. The only fight in which he looked bad in was the Bigfoot fight in which he was fat as **** and obvious he hadn't hardly trained i mean how do you miss Bigfoots head ffs

He has looked sharp in his last four fights including the Hendo fight. People forget he dropped Hendo hard before he scrambled out and landed the punch of his career. I don't know I think we'll be seeing him again just a feeling.
Disagree. His head movement was on point in the stand up in the first fight. He was not in shocking shape. Had he not been instantly taken down in the second round he might've carried on.

He has clearly neglected his grappling in recent years. And still focused more on his kickboxing in his three retirement fights. Where was the man who out Judo'd Ogawa, out jits'd Big Nog' and survived the Americana of doom from Markuu Huntuu?

He got molested by Big Foot. But he survived. He wasn't sharp enough to escape major damage but he still had the nous and toughness to stay in there.

He was all there. It wasn't his effort in training but his mindset IMO. Fell in love with his power.

I mean for ****s sake Rogers was able to have some grappling success with Fedor. Rogers is arguably a lesser fighter than Gary Goodridge. Fedor steamed forward and got caught with a jab which busted him up right away. Where the bouncing and feints? Where was the punches setting up the trips and throws? It was desperation subs and last ditch sweeps against Rogers where positional dominance and composure was always the way for Fedor.

Notice Fedor's G'N'P in Nog's guard and notice his flailing hammerfist against Werdum, who he tried to treat like Zuluzinho.

Fedor's mindset was the problem. He was in good shape for Hendo'. Careless finishing attempt against a cagey veteran with the hardest hands in MMA? That's not Fedor.

He's been running on fumes for ages but boy was it fun. He showed more composure in his last few fights but would the Fedor of old let a one legged Jeff Monson survive, just to be safe?
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