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Default Re: Are Undefeated Reords in Boxing Impressive or Overrated?

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
so who do you rank greater, calzaghe or lewis? floyd or holyfield?
i'm not sayingit's bad to go undefeated but it's the oppositions that matters and nevermind if you lost a couple of ones on the way.
It's obviously a combination of the two. But the question here is going undefeated impressive and of course it is. How can winning all your fights not be impressive.

Chavez went 86-0 at one point in his career. That's impressive as phuck no matter what anybody says

Originally Posted by Run It View Post
good point. if it was based soley on who you fought, Ricardo Mayorga would be a top 100 ATG
exactly man Judah would be up there too
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