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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
For those of you who do box, are any of you worried of alzheimer or parkinsons, or getting blood clots to the brain or going blind in your later years,or any of the other effects from long term boxing? I was watching something on james toney and how all those concussions have messed up his hormone levels and how 50% of pro boxers have unusually LOW testosterone and hgh because of the ratling around of the pititary gland from head punches. It is something I think about every now and then but at this point it isnt a major concern because I haven't gone pro yet.
Thruthfully my dad died from a neurogical issue.My 3 knee injuries and cause i had one big concussion(no-boxing related) i quit boxing.This and the fact that i am 31 It started to bug me and i said to myself if it will ever trouble me i will retire.
I had enough amateur fights and in my last fight i started questioning myslelf the **** am i doing this shit.Moments after the fight i said im done.
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