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Default Re: Mike Tyson's prime

Im gonna say his prime began in 1986. Mike Jameson
was a big guy, journeyman who Took Tyson to the
5th round, Mike beat him uo though. Tyson messed
up Ferguson next, looked ok against Zouski, two
decision wins against tough guys, more KOs then Berbick
where he looked phenomenal. Fought a lot of big skilled
Tough guys in 87. Mike wasnt focused for the Douglass fight
and wasnt using the bobbing and weaving and jab etc, but
Was still technically in his prime. Im gonna say his prime ended
when he went to Prison. Tillman and stewart were destructions,
Then two wars with Ruddock where Mike again didnt use
all the head movement and speed in the 80s, still some bodywork
On the downslope of his prime. After prison officially
past his prime. Still had a little head movement/ defense, but
Mostly a punch and one of the hardest chins in history, the
One and only Iron Mike. So prime started 86/87, ended after
Ruddock fights/returning from his stretch in prison.
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