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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
There is another issue here.

At any given point of time, it is statisticaly unlikley that the best fighter in the history of a given weight class will be active.

So obviously there are going to be more great fighters who can be termed "old timers", than great fighters who are curently active.

Fighters active at the moment include Pacquio, Mayweather, Ward and Klitschko junior.
Ward is a great now . He is on the right track to be a great, I'd say he is a great-prospect, lets see how he looks at 30-40 fights, if he is still whipping guys the same, then he could be a great.

Mayweather - I've already commented on him. great at making money and dodging guys who could ever beat him

Klitschko- He is in a tomato field. Its not fully his fault. But when I see how corrie sanders demolished him and his difficulties with lamon brewster, and him being rope a doped by ross puritty, it makes me raise an eyebrow. These were not Hashim Rockman lucky punches that blind sided him when he was joking around, you are talking about early round knock outs where his opponent just completely destroyed him, outclass, outskilled, and outpunched him. The whole corrie sanders thing leads me to believe the Vlad is objectively a mid-low grade contender rather than a champion fighting in an era where the next best fighter are journeymen. Then you have the whole Klitschkos refusing to fight a guy 10 years their senior, evander holyfield, who has been calling them out ever since he was robbed in the valuev fight. I can't think of any other champion who has refused to fight a 50 year old man so consistently. Further Vlad has not even faced highly skilled opponents, never faced anyone with great head movement nor head speed, nor knock out power, so in several areas he is untested. I could be wron, maybe vlad is great and I just can't see it because there is too much tomato in the way. Vlad vs a Lomachencko style fighter is what is missing from his resume, someone who actually knows how to beat bigger people. It also seems he has lots of trouble beating people who are near in height to him who he can't just jab all fight long. he is skilled, but its like a 6/10 beating guys who are 3/10 sure it will look impressive for him to beat them.

Pacquiao - probably will be remembered as great.
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