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Default Re: What's the ceiling for Stefan Struve?

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
I know the gloves can do that but still Browne just lost to Big foot who isnt your average can but still not really the cream of the crop either and he had a bull**** draw with Kongo before who is a top 10 gatekeeper.
Browne's loss to Bigfoot didn't really tell us much though. I mean for a start, Bigfoot is supposed to be a world-class guy. Second, Browne injured himself what? A minute into the fight? Before that, Bigfoot had landed nothing on him. After the injury, nobody can hate on Browne for losing while hopping around on one leg.

Also, Struve was a young fighter in that match. I mean, when Matt Hughes was older than Struve is, he was getting subbed for the second time by Dennis Hallman (he couldn't survive more than 20 seconds either time) and then returning to immediately get TKOed by Jose Landi-Jons. Bad losses, but they came before Hughes put everything together, and they didn't end up being reflective of his ability or potential.

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
Roy Nelsons best win was a shot to **** Crocop.
Sure he has power in that right hand but he throws it from a mile away and it not like he mixes it up either its always that overhand right.
True enough, but Struve is improving. He has shown good signs of progress over his last couple of fights. His best night is still ahead of him, I think.

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
But i always enjoy watching him fight win or lose
We can all easily agree on that. Well, maybe except for one of us.

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