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Default Re: Your Favorite First Round TKO/KO.

Lots of good ones mentioned so far, but for me my favourite has to be Booker T-Word vs Anthony Hembrick. For those of you who haven`t seen it I do believe it is up on youtube so go check it out.

Hembrick was fighting infront of his hometown fans and doing all kinds of ridiculous showboating and whatnot before the fight while in the ring, he was the favourite going in while Booker T was considered nothing more then another name on his resume on his way up the rankings.

Well, needless to say things didn`t quite turn out that way as Booker after getting stunned early on proceeded to nail and drop Hembrick as he was wailing away on him if memory serves me right and then dropped him two more times to end the fight on the three KD rule, the 3rd knockdown in particular was quite brutal.

Served him right though if for no other reason that than ridiculous dancing he did with his cornermen before the fight, I haven`t seen the fight in a loooong time but what I do remember is that I couldn`t stop laughing when the fight was stopped, oh and that his wife was crying histerically ringside after the stoppage.
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