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Default Re: Mike Tyson's prime

Originally Posted by DrBanzai View Post
Tyson nuthuggers will tell you he was past his prime at 23 or 24, I feel sorry for fans like that.

The truth is Mike never had a real prime, he could have had one but bad decisions and insecurity ended that dream.
as close to his prime as he could get. His style was unique. He had a style where he needed to be young and energetic and motivated. It was not a style which got much better with experience where he could relax and fight at a slow pace. With the bigger guys and the long jabs and right hands it wouldn't have worked. His advantage was fast moving in and working the bigger lazier guys which was the norm of 1980's heavyweights. Mike came in shape and his style was all energy and slipping punching to get inside and then working the body to get to the head. It was a young man's style and he did great with it. Closest to a prime and the best he was he was 21-23. After that he lost a little motivation. Mike is a very intelligent and sensitive person, so outside influences probably distracted him from his training, and in the sport of boxing with his style any change in motivation affects his style and fight. He did not move his head as much, he gets hit more coming in and the pace is then slowed down so he has to think to get in rather to react and his opponent has the time to jab and double jab and then get off a right hand, then Mike is not in position to work the body to reach the head. But in that time he was fighting in 1987-1989 he was almost unbeatable to most fighters. Any version of Evander Holyfield would not have wanted to fight the 1988 Tyson.
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