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Default Re: Bam Bam Rios and Broner showing critics what theyre made of.

Originally Posted by slugger3000 View Post
He knows much more about boxing than you.. DUMMY! He's just a blind Rios fan and he won't admit that Abril beat him.. And yes he's right Abril held alot like a *****!
If you can't see past your own bias then you don't know how to watch a boxing match. I am sorry if you don't like me attacking your man crush, I didn't mean to offend your sensitive feelings; I just tell it like it is.

On another note, what does Abril holding have to do with whether he won the fight or not? If you do only two things during a match, hold and hit, one does not negate the other. It may not be a pretty style of boxing, but it is a legitimate style of boxing if the ref allows it. Once again, when someone mentions the holding, while discussing whether they won or not, it makes me question their knowledge of the sport.
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