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Default Re: Has Jon Jones quite reached his peak yet, or is he still pre-prime?

Originally Posted by Thom View Post
He set up the TD that he got in that round with a clean right hand to Machida's jaw, and he dropped hurt him again with a punch to set up the choke. Machida frustrated him in the first round, but he adjusted. People claim that Jones was "exposed" in the fight, but that's laughable. Machida is a much more experienced and polished striker who'd completely humiliated most of his opponents not named Mauricio "sloppy" Rua standing.

Yeah, Jones might get put to sleep if he gets careless with Anderson, but the same goes for just about every other ****ing fighter in the UFC. I don't see how that's a knock on Jones. Anderson has made plenty of guys lose in ways that we've never seen before or since.

The notion that he'll never be able to handle "elite strikers" is ridiculous. He's already stood toe-to-toe with the best guys at 205.

It's also laughable to claim that he's already peaked. Jones has only been training MMA for about four and a half years. He's only been with a legit camp for three. Before he went to Jackson's, he was getting most of his striking tips from Youtube videos. He's got a lot room for improvement considering his natural aptitude for MMA. I think that we are going to his striking and BJJ skills improve markedly. ****, the guy admittedly doesn't train BJJ that often, yet he's submitted two black belts.
Im not one who said He was exposed I was actually very impressed with the way He almost killed him. But I have to be realistic here, His stand up is going to be like the way it is now and not much more improvement. Most is just due to his body type. Hes got long limbs and I just cant see him throwing crisp jabs or 1-2 combos. You'll see some spinning elbows and kicks but I cannot see Jones boxing improved. This is why I think he will be at a disadvantage to Silva IF He decides to stand up with him. Everything He does standing up, Silva does better and Silva is pretty long himself.
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