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Default Re: Has Jon Jones quite reached his peak yet, or is he still pre-prime?

Originally Posted by chimba View Post
Im not one who said He was exposed I was actually very impressed with the way He almost killed him. But I have to be realistic here, His stand up is going to be like the way it is now and not much more improvement. Most is just due to his body type. Hes got long limbs and I just cant see him throwing crisp jabs or 1-2 combos. You'll see some spinning elbows and kicks but I cannot see Jones boxing improved. This is why I think he will be at a disadvantage to Silva IF He decides to stand up with him. Everything He does standing up, Silva does better and Silva is pretty long himself.
Yeah but you could equally talk about Silva being vulnerable to a Jones-level wrestler.

You are comparing the standup of a still pretty raw version of Jones, which is (arguably) the worst element of his game, with the best striker ever to compete in the UFC.

Jones figured Machida's style out quickly and beat him easily, (and he did "figure him out" as opposed to "overwhelm him", and he straight up beat the **** out of Shogun.

If he runs into an Anderson-level striker, then that striker had better have BJ Penn-level takedown defence.

But as it stands, Jones has fought most of the top guys in his division and has not yet been outclassed or even looked uncomfortable on his feet. In my book, after 5 title fight wins, that makes his standup good enough that it's a long way short of a real weakness in his game. It's just not as ridiculously dominant as his top control and gnp.

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