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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Wlad is twice the fighter he was when he last lost. True champions do not fight 50 year old men not named Hopkins, they should ignore Evander. David Haye is a terrific mover, with dynamite speed and knockout power. Samuel Peter has knockout power. Chris Byrd had amazing head movement. Chris Byrd, Tony Thompson, David Haye and Calvin Brock were all very skilled.

You sell Wlad very, very short because of losses. One can pick apart any fighter based on who beat him, because very few have ever avoided an L. Sometimes, folks, a fighter just has a bad night.
So Vlad is 2x the fighter now from 10 fights ago? Vlad's competition level has not increased. As I said its not his fault he crushes tomato, the only heavyweight out there who could make the top 25 HW since Lennox retired is Holyfield who he is dodging and Vitali. He is a true champion by avoiding the only 2 guys around who can beat him

David haye fought klitschko with a broken toe, so much for his moving and speed,and he claimed his broken toe prevented him from moving which would basically prevent you from using your speed.

The rest of the guys you gotta to be kidding, why not throw in samuel peter as the most prolific puncher in boxing history. Never mind the huge advantage of having your brother fight and beat up guys in advance for you.

You are right, there is a blue print to beat Vlad and all of the blue prints are different. 1 guy rope a doped him, 1 guy was a power hooker who hooked him out, another guy was hand quick and his height and hit well so his jab was turned useless. Vitali lost by damaging his arm and quiting, and the other one was a stoppage losing to the best boxer of his era. No shame in either of his loses so I won't sell him short.

Vlad was 24-0 when he was rope a doped, I'd expect a fighter with 24 wins not to fall for that, in light of the fact that the rope a dope is not a new unheard style of fighting in the 90s. Then he was 40-1, assuming he wasn't crushing tomatoes, he should be able to dominate anything but a highly skilled fighter with 40+ wins. If you are great, you should only be losing to other great boxers or fluke punches that hit you off guard out of place, like a 1 punch overhand right that nails your chin. But thats not what happens, Sanders just outclassed him, then brewster. And anyone who hasn't seen it needs to. I've never seen a champion fighter so utterly destroyed by a fringe fighter. These are after he has 40 pro fights. It almost remind me of when Larry Holmes said I just want to beat up on little guys. Seems like that is what K is doing.

If he had losses early in his career and recovered, it not seem so bad, its how he lost and when.
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