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Default Re: Australian Boxing A Disgrace

Ive given Danny credit for stepping it up, even though it was somewhat questionable.

Tarver was overweight BIG time and even Danny said he was suprized he droped the weight so quickly, they thought Tarver was shot and would get him to come in weight drained. Tarver immediatly offers Danny a rematch and well the look on Dannys face when he was in la la land says it all really.

The Pole has been hospitalised for trying to commit suicide, they thought he would be easy pickings but again that one back fired in their face. Green wont rematch either of the two because he is NOT a CW and will never defeat an elite CW. I would love him to fight Steve Cunningham because that would be one hell of a slaughter. Green and his camp pick his fights carefully, the public got sick of it so they took a minimal risk that didnt pay off, its not as if they were calling out the best CWs in the world. Ontop of that he has the gaul to claim he can defeat Hopkins, its no better than Mundine claiming he can defeat Mayweather.

Thanks Stiffjab, just sick of the mundine threads is all.
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