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Default Re: ALVARADO Will KO RIOS in the 8th...

Originally Posted by bballchump11 View Post
tough fight to pick, but I favor Rios. I'll post my old post

"true I watched a little bit of both of them yesterday to make my pick. I first thought Alvarado would win because Rios mostly uses his size up close to bully guys and beat them up (well at least I thought that). That was the impression I got on his last 2 fights, fights that he just happened to be drained for.
Murray was troubled Rios through most of their fight, but Rios's size and strength pretty much won him the fight imo.

Now with Alvarado, he weighed 157 on the day of the fight vs Prescott and he's a former wrestler. I'm pretty sure he's going to be stronger than Rios in the ring, so I believed he'd win. But I went back and watched Rios fight Antillion when he didn't have as much trouble making weight and I forgot how skilled Rios actually is in the pocket. His punches looked much sharper too and he wasn't just bullying his way around. Plus his defense isn't as bad as Mike's.

I believe this fight really does come down to Rios's weight. If he makes it comfortably, he'll win"

With all that said, I think Rios will stop him late or decision. Alvarado is just really tough and both get better as the fight goes on
Good ****ysis. I think that Rios jab will be key in this fight. He has a very good jab and if he uses it to set his punches he will be too much for Alvarado. I think Rios is a bit more skilled and has more variety which makes the difference in those type of fights , like in the Angulo-Kirkland fight more than the chin as most people think.
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