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Default Re: Who do you like more. Muhammad Ali or Lennox Lewis

Originally Posted by pejevan View Post
Seriously, why would you compare Ali to uh uh lewis?

Not fair comparison.

Ali fought the who's who, lewis fought some good opposition. Not comparable though.
This is what I mean by you are re****ed...
The question is 'who do you LIKE MORE'
not 'who got the better resume'.....
Who do you like more? Floyd Mayweather Jr or Arturo Gatti?
A lot of people will say Gatti....

The difference between Lewis and Ali is obviously much closer.

H2H-A serious case could be made that Lewis rank higher.

Resume- A lot of boxing writers got Lewis from 4-8
Ali at 1.

So it's not that big of a gap.

It's not like comparing Vitali and Ali resume wise
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