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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
The experts who were alive at that time all insist Joe Louis was the greatest boxer who ever live inspite of ali, in fact I recall a video of cus d'amato telling ali how joe louis would whip his butt and Ali responded by saying old man slow joe louis beat me !

Alot of those bums, would beat the bums in the ring today. And at one time many great boxers like braddock were literally bums and dead broke.
You are making assumptions.

"All experts who were alive claimed Joe Louis was the greatest boxer who ever lived"? I don't think you can find many experts from that time who made such claim.

They would beat the "bums" of today based on whose opinion? Are you an expert on 1930-1940s heavyweights, or is it a claim made by somebody who was born about 100 years ago and is still alive, who had seen those heavyweights fights live?

Braddock a great boxer? Give me a break. He wasn't great even for heavyweight division, regardless of weight he'd have a hard time getting in Top 500.

Anyway, my point was, yes Joe Louis looks great on film, offensively. But probably that was because he was facing very weak opposition? Ie, the same thing the Klitschko brothers are being accused of now.
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