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Default Re: Who do you like more. Muhammad Ali or Lennox Lewis

Originally Posted by Skittlez View Post
This is what I mean by you are re****ed...
The question is 'who do you LIKE MORE'
not 'who got the better resume'.....
Who do you like more? Floyd Mayweather Jr or Arturo Gatti?
A lot of people will say Gatti....

The difference between Lewis and Ali is obviously much closer.

H2H-A serious case could be made that Lewis rank higher.

Resume- A lot of boxing writers got Lewis from 4-8
Ali at 1.

So it's not that big of a gap.

It's not like comparing Vitali and Ali resume wise
I am just saying it is a stupid thread!

If you chose Lewis, it is either of the following reasons:

1. You are a Canadian, a British or of commonwealth country origin
2. You actually do not know Cassius
3. You like the demure type compared to the brash, trash-talker
4. You have a personality of a slug
5. You just hate african americans that you consider Lewis of anglo-saxon descent.
6. I can't think of any sane reason.
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