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Default Re: Broner-" I am knocking this guys out, floyd wasnt doing that"

Originally Posted by gyll View Post
Why is this considered, "talking ****"??? Damn, you people are instigating. He's just saying his career, so far, is turning out different from the point when Mayweather was his age.

Now if he said something like, "Floyd has no power. I knock dudes out while he makes the crowd fall asleep" then we got ourselves something juicy.
Mayweather WAS knocking guys out and they were top world class fighters. If Floyd ever fought guys like Litzu, Martinez, Rojas and Escobedo he'd be knocking them all out within 5 rounds. Let Broner start showing what he can do vs Hernandez, Corrales, , Chavez or even Manfedy level opposition.
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