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Default Re: Has Jon Jones quite reached his peak yet, or is he still pre-prime?

Originally Posted by chimba View Post
You missed the big IF I wrote. And Im not too sure if He can keep Anderson down for a prolonged period. I am now convinced that Silva was injured against Chael the first time. He can improve a little but he would never ever come close to Anderson level striking.
No I get you. And I agree that Jones' standup is never going to reach Anderson level.

But just because it won't get to Anderson level, doesn't mean it can't get markedly better than it currently is. And it's already been shown to be more than good enough to deal with the best strikers at 205.

And for the record, I agree that Sonnen faced the worst possible version of Anderson. After watching "Like Water", Anderson was clearly nowhere near peak fighting form, either physically or mentally.

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