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Default Re: Gerald McClellan

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
manny steward apparently quit training him due to excessive blinking in sparring following the jackson fights (as flea alluded to) he knew something was wrong and urged mcclellan to retire (what i read anyway)
According to this bull****ter's blog;

"A few months before the fight with Benn, McClellan’s trainer, Manny Steward, decided that he wasn’t healthy enough for a fight so soon. While training for the fight, McClellan complained of blurred vision and headaches after a sparring session. Steward had a suspicion that something was not right with his young charge, and recommended McClellan take some time off boxing and maybe think about calling it quits. McClellan wasn’t hearing it. Not now after he was so close to super s****om. He told Steward he would fight on, regardless of the headaches and blurred vision. Subsequently Steward left the camp, vowing not to be a part of the damage McClellan was causing to himself."

McClellan was already back with Stan Johnson before the Jackson rematch .
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