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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
Now vlad beat dempsey, ha ha ha, people do not understand, Vlad is facing grossly underwhelming competitors who lack hand speed, power and do not know how to get past a jab. Basic boxing skills. The few who do know how to get past his jab simply are either too fat, too slow, or just too unskilled to hit. Dempsey would draw Vlad's lead,jump inside and knock him out with a right in round 1. There is a reason big tall guys like 6'6 were never win much in the hw division untilthe 90s. A moderately skilled guyunder 6'3 can hit a better skilled tall guy (6'6 and up) 5-6 times before he can counter with short shots, and its the short shots that knock guys out not these big wide shots from outer space.

You have a huge decline in skill,then of course, the biggest guys like valuev and klitscko will rule because with equal skill (low), speed (slow) talent (low), footwork (low), head movement (low) then the taller guy dominates because all he has to do is jab the short guy all night long.
Youīve got some right and wrong points. Yes, Dempsey beats Wlad but not because of his lack of skill, speed or anything but because, as you pointed out Demspey knows how to get past his jab, would be more aggressive than anyone Wlad fought and put him into "panic mode" which will end in him getting knocked out.

Wlad is very skilled albeit limited in what skills he uses. His simple style serves him very, very well and the majority of hws in history would not get by his jab, close enough to hurt him and even less would be able to get off before getting clinched or able to avoid clinching alltogether. I wouldnīt pick more than about a handfull to beat him. Dempsey is one with a very, very good chance due to his style advantage, but Wladīs combination of size, speed (and he is quite fast, look at his fight with "Fast" Eddie Chambers, he didnīt look any slower), power and skill makes me quite unsure about that one.
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